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Workspace Contract

Once you sign up, we will send you the actual contract to sign. This is an example of the language. 


  • This contract is between {{AccountName}} (hereinafter referred to as the “LESSEE”) and Workspace / Mulberry Mill, (hereinafter referred to as the “LESSOR”) witnesseth as follows:
  • Lessee has signed up for {{ItemName}} – {{ItemDescription}}.
  • Lessee will start their subscription on {{SubscriptionStartDate}} and end on {{SubscriptionEndDate}}. The billing will start on {{SubscriptionBillingStartDate}} and end on {{SubscriptionBillingEndDate}}. The price will be {{SubscriptionUnitPrice}} per {{SubscriptionRecurrence}}.


  • If Lessee leaves any damage to the property, Lessor is liable for such damage will pay the cost of the damage.


  • Rent is due on the 1st of every month. Starting on the 6th day, there will be a daily late fee of $5.
  • All rent must be paid through the Archie software. No cash, checks, or money orders will be accepted.
  • In the event that the Lessee becomes delinquent, Lessor has the right after 30 ays to give Lessee a notice to vacate the premises.


  • We’ll provide and pay for the following utilities: Electric, Water, Gas, Internet. We do not guarantee or warrant that there will be no interruption of any utility service.


  • Maintenance requests must be made through the Archie software.


  • Lessor has the right to deliver a notice to Lessee for immediate dismissal if there is any non-compliance in issues pertaining to health, safety, illegal activity, any manner to create a nuisance, damage to property, theft, or any other situation to warrant dismissal.


  • Lessee acknowledges that Workspace at Mulberry Mill is an open and shared working area. All valuables should be kept secured at all times. Lessor is not responsible for any losses whatsoever. Lessee is responsible, at its own expense, for fire, loss and extended coverage insurance on all personal property located in the Leased Premises.


  • Lessee shall indemnify Lessor and hold Lessor harmless from suits, actions, damages, liability and expenses in connection with loss of life, bodily or personal injury or property damage arising from, or out of, any occurrence in, upon or from the leased premises including sidewalks and common areas and facilities within the building.
  • Lessee’s personal property, occupation of the leased premises, and all other portions of the building, shall be at Lessee’s own risk, and release Lessor’s resulting in loss of life, personal or bodily injury or property damage.
  • Lessee is responsible and liable for any damages caused by any of lessee’s employees or clients at Workspace or Mulberry Mill.

This is a legally binding document. By signing your name, you are consenting to use electronic means to sign this contract accept lease agreement.