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A shared community co-working space for independent working professionals, entrepreneurs, and startup companies in middle Tennessee who need an office to call home.

Dickson, Tennessee’s first ever coworking space is entirely devoted to fostering a place of synergy, productivity, and community.

Become a member and escape the monotony of a library, the distraction of a coffee shop, and the loneliness of a home office.

Perfect for work-from-home-ers who need an office space in the midst of like-minded, creative professionals.

Get fast internet, a library of inspiring resources for members, and a consistent flow of knowledge in entrepreneurship and beyond through engagements, conferences, speakers, and each other.

Tier 1: 50 Spots Available

Floating Membership

Basic membership which includes access to community tables, couches, and standing desks.


Founding Membership Sale!


Tier 2: 10 Spots Available

Cube Membership

Your own private built-in cubicle area, complete with privacy wall and an open floor area for you to organize your space any way you like.


Founding Membership Sale!


*12 month lease or more.

Tier 3: 2 Spots Available

Office Membership

Private, lockable office with windows and high ceilings. Stay close to the community while still having your own, quiet space when you need it. 


Founding Membership Sale!


All Memberships Include:

  • 24/7 Access to members-only locked office

  • Lightning fast Wi-Fi access

  • Access to community tables, couches, and standing desks

  • Conference room access for your team or your clients

  • Exclusive access to resources, library, speaker engagements, and synergistic communication

  • Free tickets to all speaker engagements

  • Coffee and tea bar

Need more information or want to take a tour?

Text Ande at (336) 693-4311

Become a Member

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24/7 Access

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Synergistic Community

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Conference Room

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Ample Resources

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24/7 Security

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